About:   This page attempts to compile all of the winter weather conditions in South West Montana in one location. The goal is a dense but easily digested picture of the winter weather for skiers, climbers and other fun hogs to view over their morning coffee, iPad compatible. Additionally, charted histories of winds, snow loads, and temperatures provides valuable information to use in snow/ice condition forecasting.
Usage:   Colors are coded by specific data sites within the overlying region, reported in ascending elevation. Refresh dates are shown in parens after the name of the specific data site. Some sites only update occassionally or frequently go offline, so beware! Bad data occasionally happens, some of which is filtered out and some of which is not. Hopefully, these anomalies should be obvious. Double check before grabbing the big boards when you see 120" of fresh being reported, it is probably an instrument error!
Pro Tips:   Click charts for larger views. Click the 'Barometer status' for a chart of barometric pressure. Click the degree symbol in the Wind Direction section for a history of wind direction. Precipitation to date begins October 1st.
Details:  This website is created dynamically with Python scripts. These scripts scrape various weather data sources available online, mostly Snotel and Hobo weather stations operated by the NRCS, Forest Service, and ski areas. Special thanks to the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center. Not only do they provide terrific avalanche forcasts, but some of the weather stations wouldn't exist without them. Data is collected/scraped by Suds and Beautiful Soup, handled in NumPy, and plotted in MatPlotLib, all of which are great Python resources. Kudos to their authors. Viva La Open Source! Please email me with comments or suggestions: csmith [at] junkfunnel [dot] com